Cared for at home by people they love

Medicaid-Approved Waiver Programs Designed to Keep Your Family Member at Home in the Community:

Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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You’re worried.

Your family member has forgotten to turn off the stove on more than one occasion and has recently begun wandering off in the middle of daily activities

Your loved one’s medicine box is still full and you notice they haven’t been taking their pills since last week.

Your family member frequently falls, often as a result of forgetting to use their cane or walker.

The NHTD and TBI waiver programs offer individuals with cognitive deficits or other needs the opportunity to receive home and community support staff and service coordination, providing:

Oversight and
Comprehensive care plan
Up to 2 (12) hour shifts per day

Take your loved one’s care into your own hands

Cared for by people they know and trust
Familiar surroundings
Approved by Medicaid
Service Coordinator

Customized care plan

With the NHTD and TBI waiver program, individuals receive a personal and dedicated Service Coordinator who develops a tailored care plan, ensuring all their needs are met.

Entitlements and benefits
Monthly in-person meetings
Educational, vocational, social, and medical, as well as medical transportation arrangements and as-needed medical supplies
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A care program that covers all their needs

Service Coordination

Social workers that will manage their case

Home and Community Support Services ("HCSS")

Homecare services for as much as 24/7

Respite Services

Environmental Modifications Service

Home Visits by Medical Personnel

Independent Living Skills Training and Development Services ("ILST")

E-mods for Vehicles

Respiratory Therapy

Structured Day Program Services

Community Transitional Services ("CTS")

Wellness Counseling Service

Assistive Technology

Moving Assistance

Peer Mentoring

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Services ("PBIS")

Congregate and Home Delivered Meals

Nutritional Counseling/Educational Services

Community Integration Counseling Service ("CIC")

Additional information

What you get by joining the NHTD waiver program

More care

Get up to 2 12-hour split shifts per day of home and community supervision and support.

More services

Receive additional services such as home modifications, assistive technology, and caregiver respite.

More safety

Stay safe at home and within the community with constant and vigilant supervision.

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Why choose HumanCare?

We're close to home

We are a large home care company with offices servicing all 5 boroughs of New York.

We speak your language

Our dedicated aides speak a range of languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

We cater to you

We specialize in dementia and the geriatric population, developing suitable care plans and training staff accordingly.

We’re experienced in NHTD

We employ aides with experience in providing care to persons with Dementia and other cognitive impairments.

NHTD Program Eligibility

Aged 65+ OR aged 18-64 with a physical disability
Receive Medicaid coverage for community-based long-term care services
Meets level of care
Identified residential/living arrangements
Signs Freedom of Choice Form/Chooses to participate in program
Must require safety supervision due to a cognitive impairment (Typical diagnosis include Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke/CVA, or age-related cognitive decline, etc.)

TBI Program Eligibility

Aged 18-64
Covered by Medicaid
Recipient of a brain injury diagnosis
Meets level of care
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When people need care, speed is everything.

As a leading healthcare provider, HumanCare is committed to getting your loved ones the care they need swiftly and without unnecessary delay.

We support all waiver program participants to ensure everyone receives the highest levels of care and comfort as soon as possible.

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NHTD Waiver Program FAQs

No. NHTD provides additional hours of home care for safety supervision. However, CDPAP home attendants can register and train with HumanCare and provide NHTD services - subject to restrictions for family members. See question 6.

No. Everything the applicant has received from the MLTC services will continue through the waiver program, including case management, home care, incontinence supply coverage, and transportation to medical appointments.

No. Applicants currently receiving managed care services with Human Care can retain their home attendants.

No. If an applicant is choosing to work with Human Care for NHTD Homecare services they may choose to have their current aides register with Human Care. Aides that choose to register with Human Care receive matched pay rates to their current agency.

No. Medical documentation of cognitive impairment isn’t required for persons aged 65+. However, during the care plan development process, Human Care may require documentation to authorize the start of services.

Immediate family members cannot qualify as home care providers. This includes a parent, child, child’s spouse, or sibling. A grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. may become a caregiver and can receive PCA training directly from Human Care.

More care. More security.

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