Medicaid Approved Waiver Programs: NHTD and TBI

The NHTD and TBI waiver programs offer individuals with cognitive deficits or other needs the opportunity to receive home and community support staff and service coordination.

Medical assistance & skilled nursing

Our trained registered nursing staff is capable of helping your loved one with any of the medical needs they have. Our free assessment can help determine how much and what kind of assistance is needed.

Home making / Companion care

As we age, it can be difficult to stay on top of tasks at home. Our home health aides are able to help your loved one stay on top of daily chores or provide you with a much-needed respite. Additionally, home health aides can provide companionship, which can be incredibly helpful if your loved one is lonely or missing a deceased spouse.

Personal care

Personal hygiene is important, and our staff can help your loved one stay clean and comfortable.

Adult / Elderly care service

There is often a period of time that families face when their elderly loved one is not quite ready for a nursing home but still needs a high level assistance.

Private duty nursing

When your loved one requires additional medical support at home, it’s important that the caregiver be qualified to handle his or her care. That’s where private duty nursing comes in.

Our skilled nurses are clinically trained and either licensed registered nurses (RN) or licensed practical nurses (LPN), so you can rest assured that they have the right training to care for your loved one. We focus on giving your loved ones compassionate care while attending to their unique advanced healthcare needs.

With experience in providing quality healthcare services in your home, you can find the additional support your loved one needs with HumanCare NY.